Your spray painting experts on getting your truck back into shape!

Don’t go around with a shoddy looking truck.

Whether you’ve had a crash, smash, ding, unfortunate parking accident, or been the victim of hapless driving, we can put your truck body back to factory state.

We have the equipment and know-how to repair or replace the affected parts of your truck and get it looking new again. So don’t hesitate, take pride in your truck again!

Trucks can be confusing, complicated, and a lot of work. Let the experts at Alan Rea Panel Beaters & Spray Painters​ do the head scratching and hard work for you. We deal in all kinds of automotive repairs and enquiries, and can get your truck running smoothly again before you know it.

So if you’re in need of automotive repair work in Wellington, the folks at Alan Rea Panel Beaters & Spray Painters are your best bet.

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